Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just after dinner, I watched the movie of Uma THurma .. MOTHERHOOD.. The film did tuckled the issues of plain housewife who is bombarded of the notion of what is motherhood. In the film, we see how a mother start her day by waking early to cook for breakfast, fixing and preparing clothes, cleaning, wiping, feeding offspring even forgeting how to fix herself up. In a seen that even Uma, the mother still wearing a night gown over a blazer... How so funny right... Reality wise like I do right know, being a mother of two is a lot of challenge, tiresome and monotonous activities. I wonder why when this cleaning, wiping, cooking, washing, fixing closets would end. Plus the yelling, playing, keeping will make my day another round. Sometimes, it came accross to my mind that motherhood is simply the endless tasks of housechores and rearing of children.. (hmmm outside the cleaning of the popo and washing bedsheets... oh I really hate those!) Everyday, I need to do it again and again since I don't have any house help around this summer. ( Luck doesn't count me either talking about house help, the longest I have is 7 months and the shortest is 7 hours.)
I got a little pissed off of this routinary activities plus the fact that we're just month old with our new house makes me more sick of the things that needeed to be fix up. I wonder what are the other mothers doing at home, too. Was it like me? Well, I don't have much of a comparison since I grew up with my PAPA who becomes a mother and a father to me. My mother left me first when I was seven, then returned, and left me again when I was eight, then left me again and came back when I was 11 and left me. The last time I saw her when I was still 5 months pregnant with my youngest Paolo who is now turning 5 years old. Too bad to note that I never know how to be a mother since I haven't have on my own. My sister-in-law is whom I lived is kind of a protective mother and nagger wife. Since we lived in a slum area, everyday you can picture out different mothers. Some still drinking their coffee while nagging at their husbands late night escapades, some are feeding their children in their breast while holding a card playing tong its, others are chismax to their clicks and cursing babu for their undue 5-6. So there was no point of picturing out what is motherhood for me. I could still remember when in the restroom of Davao Medical Center after I deliver my first born Kurt that I watch myself in the mirror and denying to myself that there wasn't a baby came out from that wound, but the fact, there is. Oh! It was a bad of me. One night, I cried in front of my husband telling him that I am of no good mother since I never got one but I'll do my best. But my best is isn't enough came my inferring in-laws who told me before my face that I AM A NO GOOD MOTHER! IT hurts me so because I risk my life for my kids and who are they to tell me that I am not. (Thanks GOD those were the past.)
Now as I ponder, mothering is not simply coming out of children out from your vagina or through CS ( Well, I have them both.)but it is simply being you. Being happy to see your children grow day after the other. How many pictures I've taken off from them but each is different from the other. I never can imagine now that I age near 30 I have my kids with me. Don't forget also that being a mother is also a partner, too. It is when your husband appreciates the sacrifices you had and proud of what you become marks the essence of a real mother. (Lucky, that my husband loves me even if he is away and understand every ups and downs I had as a mother and a partner.) Hope you guys out there still believes that A MOTHER ALWAYS KNOWS BEST... Give your hugs to your mother!

.... Motherhood...

.... Motherhood...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kadayawan sa Dabaw

Our City celebrates the 24th Kadayawan sa DAvao...
Waaaaaaaah wla ko kalaag kay natanggong sa balay kay daghan ug ginahuman...!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Cory Aquino

I was only 10 when the opportunity knocks before my door the opportunity of seeing you. This is in line with the passage of RA 7610 as a finale of the National Congress for Streetchildren way back 1991. Thank you for approving such law that many of the children are now safe against the different forms of perpetrator. Even if, you were not around when we had our MalacaƱang Visit, still I felt your presence in person of your Executive Secretary, Oscar Orbos. Again, thank you very much for the dedication you'd given to our children yesterday, today, tomorrow and the days to come...

May you see Jesus in heaven...



Got a severe toothache.. Got a bad mood... what happen???
Just to tired of writing whole night and whole day.. Thanks for the day off and got a chance to drop at a cafe and update this...

Sometimes, irritation is a sign of boredom, a sign of escape, a sign of stress.
For a minute or two, try to enjoy life and go out so that this will help you cope up to the different stresses around.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I gain weight

In the past months, it's been my cravings to gain weight. I thank God that he grant such. But why I am complaining again?.. So bad of me... waaaaaaaaaaah wala na kasi ako masuot.

Well, for now rest muna ako sa net...
Tambay muna sa bahay for now..

Update you soon!